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Entokozweni is a non-profit community based organization that renders services of child educational Development (Drop-in-Centre) centre, Youth development centre and basic health services in the community of Mamelodi and its surroundings. It provides psychosocial care and supports to orphan and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, displacement and poverty and young people at risk.

The centre provides a place where children can have space to actualize themselves and develop their potential to the fullest. This is achieved through providing care and counselling to children, providing academic support, cultural activities, spiritual upliftment, sports activities and skills development programmes like writing skills, computer literacy and others.

The centre also provides programmes for young people in youth development which includes advice and referral, Social programmes, Skills development and entrepreneurship. We are based in the community that suffers from substance abuse, crime by youth and unemployment. The cause for this behaviour is due to most of the youth in Mamelodi who dropped out from schools because of finance or lack in the family. Poverty is overwhelming in our informal settlements and in some of the families the conditions have caused most of the young people between ages of 18-35 to try other means of life which becomes detrimental to their development and progress. The Youth Development Centre exists and endeavors at improving the lives of our young people into sustainable livelihoods and personal and spiritual development. Providing opportunities for skills development, advice and referrals, Entrepreneurship, and possible placement on the jobs will help them realize their worth and change their family situations. Our aim is to alleviate poverty in our communities and develop a better society.

Entokozweni was established in November 2004. It started in response to the growing need to assist orphans with homework’s and provide lunch and food parcels to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). In many instances, these children were left to their own, without any support, love, adequate food, basic hygiene and parent’s assistance.

Entokozweni is an Nguni word that expresses a place of joy and support for a child who is learning to crawl, eager to take the first steps in life. This symbolizes Entokozweni’s vision of a caring community that provides support, love and human dignity to all destitute and their families, irrespective of colour or religion.

The initial focus of Entokozweni’s work has been on providing kids who are vulnerable with support on their homework’s and also reach out to their families where we can in providing food parcels and spiritual support and to provide care to HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons. A further focus has been on providing counselling and bereavement support to patients families and this includes life-skills development and training for HIV/AIDS affected homesteads, as well as caring for HIV / AIDS orphans and child- or granny-headed households.

The other focus of Entokozweni Resource Centre is the coordination of a youth development programme related to moral regeneration programme referred to as missionettes. This is a programme that is targeting young girls between age 6 & 21 years by providing them with skills to make better choices about their lives, behavior and educational careers. The girls are taught the importance of looking after their bodies, abstinence from indulging sexual activities and also assist them to focus on developing themselves academically and morally.

Since its early beginnings, Entokozweni Children Resource Centre has grown into a mature organisation with a team of 6 full-time staff and 3 part-time volunteers, as well as a growing network of Friends of Entokozweni that support the organisation in numerous invaluable ways.
During the ten years of its existence, Entokozweni’s achievements include the following:

  • Provided Psychosocial support care and counselling to more than 600 children from a number of schools around Mamelodi.
  • Provided home care support to families of children under its care
  • Facilitated the provision school uniform and educational toys and aids to children cared by Entokozweni.
  • Contributed to various HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns in the various homes of children under its care.
  • Training of young people in various skills which include technical skills (Computer skills), life skills (Time management, Youth Pregnancy prevention) and business skills like baking skills and business management skills.
  • Youth exposed to income generating activities.
The Entokozweni Resource Centre is targeting children between the ages of 4 years up to 18 years who are orphans or vulnerable to HIV/Aids, family violence, displacement or poverty. These children are sourced from schools that are neighbouring the church premises. Currently, the centre caters for children from fours schools in Mamelodi East. This financial year 2014/15, the centre is catering for 115 children under its care and are categorised from Grade R to Grade 12.

Youth between the ages of 18-35 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, Unemployed Youth and youth living with disability.

The centre works with various schools in the vicinity of the centre to identify children who are from needy and destitute families. The targeted children will be from poor families and those who are orphan due to deaths caused by HIV/Aids and other natural causes. Once the children are identified and admitted to the centre, each child is allocated to a care giver who will open a file for each child. The care givers are required to pay home visit to the homes of these children every month to collect information on the profiles of the different families. During the family visit, the care giver will assist families with information regarding application of birth certificate, identity document, children grants, old age grant and other forms of grants available to assist the plight of the families. The care givers will be a conduit of information on government services and they will also link the families with other institutions of government like social workers to further assist the families.

The purpose of the Entokozweni Resource Centre is three fold,

Child care centre

In the child care centre, the programme is aiming at expanding the current services and establishes a child care centre where children will be accommodated during afternoons and during school holidays. In the centre, children will be provided with counseling and care services, academic support programmes, skills development programmes like computer skills, career guidance, life skills programmes, mentorship programme, sporting and cultural programmes. The ultimately objective of this centre is to accommodate on a full time basis orphans and destitute children who needs care and support.

Youth Development Centre

The youth development renders critical social services to the aged between 18-35 and operates under 4 pillars which are ;Advice and referral, Social programmes, Skills Development programme and entrepreneurship. The centre also provides academic support programmes to young people who are attending FET institutions and those who are at public schools. The youth development centre is a vehicle used to retain these children when they reach adolescent stage.

Computer Centre

The computer centre was established in 2011 for the beneficiaries of the Entokozweni Resource Centre. The purpose of the computer centre is to equip these beneficiaries with computer literacy and to enable them to use the computers in the centre as learning tools.

The centre hopes to source educational software in the areas of language development maths and literacy and other educational soft ware that can complement the learning of these children.

With more computers the centre hopes to establish a Job seeking centre that will assist the youth in finding descent employment.

Young Ladies moral regeneration programme

This programme is aimed at equipping young girls with life skills and to enable them to live morally upright lives as young ladies. This programme assist young women to make right choices in terms of life styles and to assist them to overcome any possibilities of being infected by sexually transmitted diseases. The programme is encouraging these young girls to abstain from indulging in sexual activities and to live positive life styles.

Baking Skills

Since 2014, Entokozweni Resource Centre has started training young people in baking skills in various pastries and baking products. The centre also provides business training in various areas including budgeting, costing, marketing and developing business concepts.

For all these programmes to be sustainable there is a need of building partnership with government, private companies and industries, various community based organisation and the funding community. These programmes need a solid financial and material support for them to be sustainable. The Centre will able to enhance the development of beneficiaries and alleviate poverty.


NPO Registration No.056 534

P.O. Box 77097 35416 300 Matlhare Street
Mamelodi West 0101 Mamelodi East 0122
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Office Number: Tel: +27 12 812 0016
Fax: +27 12 801 3983
E-mail Address: ntokozweni@miag.org.za


Director: Vincent Monene
Date: 12 July 2015

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