Mamelodi IAG

About Us

We are a community driven church, seeking to be a voice throughout a lifelong spiritual journey. 

Our Vision

To be the leading Pentecostal Church in South Africa anchored in missions

Our Mission

MIAG seeks to be a voice throughout a lifelong spiritual journey

that seeks to reach out, impact and encourage our community

with the message of hope, restoration, love and redemption

Strategies & Objectives

  • Provide quality teaching, preaching and practice of the Word of God to its members
  • Provide a Spiritual home to members of the society and enhance quality fellowship among members
  • Participate in community development by utilizing its resources and capacities for the upliftment of the community around the church
  • Engage in missions and outreach programmes

Internal Departments

MIAG has internal departments that help take care of the body of Christ such as the ministries of Kids, Youth, Men, Women, and Elders. 

We also have Cell Groups, the role of Cell Groups is for members to fellowship and grow spiritually in an informal setting in house visits.

Numeric Growth

Discipleship training

Caleb Project

Land acquisition and steel structures

Annual Missions Conference

Preparations for second service


Financial Growth

Money is the answer to all things (Ecc.10:19)

Teach biblical principles on tithes

Teach biblical principles on different kinds of offerings

Teach members of their responsibilities

Monitor source of income quarterly

Update website to include on-line giving, Ikhokha

Financial wellness workshop

Spiritual Growth

Bible studies: Bible Hour one Sunday bi=monthly ( All members)

Once a month( Cell group leaders)

Extension Bible School- Way Forward

Teaching Tenets of faith

Introduce Discipleship 1,2 & 3( Increase leadership pool)

Our Goal

a) To lift Jesus up (John 12:32)

b) Never compromise the Word (2 Timothy 4:2)

c) Never be complacent (Prov.1:32)

d) Not conforming but being transformed so as to be God’s agents of transformation (Romans 12:2)

e) Facilitate and ensure Spiritual grounding and development (Col.2:6-7)

f) Advance the Gospel- Home and Foreign Missions (Mat. 28:18-20)

g) Be part of addressing community social needs (Deut. 15:11)

Youth Plan

Encounter Jesus
  1. Vision Statement and Mission Statement.
  2. What is CA?
  3. Youth Structure.
  4. Departments and leaders.
  5. 2015 – 2017 YEAR PLAN.
  6. 2018/19 YEAR PLAN
Vision & Mission

Sustainable youth ministry , embodying holistic growth and relevancy to fulfilling the great commission

Sustainable youth ministry embodying growth and relevancy in Winning , Building And Sending the youth to fulfill the great commission.

CA Strategy

To have educational programs that will equip us and also help the youth members to be ready to be sent to missions.

We first need to have a personal relationship with the souls we want to win to Christ, find out about their needs and residential, in building a firm foundation with the new brothers and sisters and mothers in the Lord.

Ambassadors to send to missions (understand the flock and trust them and the teachings they found in the programs)

2018/19 Year Plan
    • Leadership Strategic Meeting and Training.
    • Strengthen the In-house Youth participation.
  • WIN
    • #200 Souls Outreach.
    • Additional Educational Outreaches.
    • All Annual Events(Convention, CA Awards and Camp).
  • SEND
    • High School, College And University Ministry.
    • Additional Training On Missions and Outreach(For Corporate Society).
    • Explorer the youth future Leadership.
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