That Storm Has A Purpose
June 14, 2020

That Storm Has A Purpose

Passage: ACTS 27: 20-26
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                                                                                  ACTS 27: 20-26


  • Paul standing before the Sanhedrin at the beginning of the trial
  • The Sanhedrin was divided because of what he said and a violent dispute arose
  • The commander was afraid that Paul would be torn to pieces by them and he ordered that Paul be removed from them by force
  • He took him into the barracks
  • That night the Lord said to Paul “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome” Acts 23:11
  • There was a conspiracy by 40 Jewish men to kill Paul
  • The son of Paul’s sister heard about it, notified Paul who ensured that the commander hears it from the boy
  • The commander immediately arranged that 200 soldiers, 70 horsemen, and 200 spearmen were used that night to transfer Paul to Caesarea
  • Mounts were provided for Paul so that he was token to Governor Felix in safety
  • He stood before Felix, his matter was adjourned, he remained there for 2 years and Felix was replaced by Festus
  • Festus could not find him guilty, they had nothing definite to write about him Paul made an appeal to the emperor and was to be taken to Rome
  • Under the care of Julius, the centurion, they leave for Rome

When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging

  • Neither sun nor stars appeared for many days: the captain and the crew are not even sure where they are
  • At that time Paul had in his heart what God had said
  • Before they left Fair Haven, Paul told them that he perceived the voyage would end in disaster and much loss of ship cargo and even lives
  • The centurion did not listen to Paul, but to the pilot and owner of the ship
  • The centurion made the right decision, it was all about
  • Take courage! You must also testify in Rome
  • God has a way to also use people in your boat to take you to your next assignment
  • The Island of Malta was nowhere on anyone’s mind. Not in the map, and God has not said it clearly to Paul
  • God used a north easterly wind, it violently battered the ship, its purpose was to take Paul to Malta

We finally gave up all hope of being saved

  • Because of the raging storm, and the absence of the sun and stars for many days, the situation was desperate
  • When they gave up hope, they gave up expectation that all will be all right
  • From time to time, circumstances will develop around you, which seem contrary to what God has said
  • Circumstances may lead you to think it is impossible for what God said to ever happen
  • Sometimes you may start doubting if it was really God who spoke: was it the right voice you heard
  • This is when you begin to lose faith and lose hope
  • Hope is that divine part of us that keep our eyes focussed on the horizons ahead and help us look towards the future
  • I want to believe that confidence was lost, they had no knowledge of where they are and where they we heading, the ship was driven by the wind

Paul abstained from food, sought God and came back

  • From time to time, your voyage will require you to leave everything and seek the face of God
  • Because the way God does his things is usually contrary to how the natural mind sees it
  • Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you”
  • God is not governed by the circumstances that surround you, but he governs the circumstances around you in relation to your next assignment
  • Standing before Caesar and testifying in Rome is not the only assignment, the way to Rome has a detour to Malta
  • When you expect to arrive in Rome, you first land in Malta, seeming to be out of God’s plan
  • God is controlling it, God is in it, there is provision for you in Malta
  • There is protection for you in Malta, God protects you from death in Malta
  • The people in the boat with you need to see God in Malta before they also see him in Rome
  • An affirmation: God’s love will never change: He is on a mission to heal even on your detour
  • God’s word will never change: Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away
  • Because the gifts of God are without repentance, His purpose about your life has not changed, and it will never change
  • What you have been through and what you are going through will never affect what God has purposed
  • Every storm you face, if it’s part of your journey, then it’s part of your purpose
  • It can never be a hindrance, it can only be a vehicle, originating from heaven to take you to your next assignment
  • God will support you through it all, his angel showed up in Paul’s situation, God will show up in your situation too
  • You may not know where you are right now, you may not see a way forward from where you are standing
  • But because God knows, God sees, God is with you and God is in control, take courage

       Closing: Have faith in God that it will happen just as God told you

  • Just look back and see how God carried you through
  • He gave Paul favour with Julius: In Sidon, Paul was allowed to go to his friends
  • Often times God will not take us out of the storm, but he will remove the storm from our hearts
  • He has the ability to calm the storm that is raging in your heart
  • Nothing that has happened, happened by mistake
  • God is present in your storm
  • God is watching over your storm
  • Take courage it will happen just as God told you


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    Amen.May God continue to bless u mama n give you strength


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